Welcome to Fake ID Man – Information on Fake ID

Fake ID ManIt isn’t always illegal to possess a fake ID – but you should take care. Sites selling legal novelty IDs for fun should have no problems with the law, and you should have no problems dealing with them.

If you want to buy novelty fake ID, do some research first. Most methods used to avoid scam sites is general common sense. We’ll tell you what to look out for later, but if you still fall for scammers, then it’s off to one of the internet’s many complaint sites you go – for all the good that will do you.

Google is your friend, so use the search giant to check out the site you’re going to use. While the complaint forums may be a case of the stupid talking to the stupid, they might serve to warn you off some sites.

Some sites don’t sell a full novelty fake ID but instead will try to get you to buy a kit to make your own. That’s fair enough, but you need real skills to make a decent fake ID and you may well be wasting your money.

There are even some sites that resell fake IDs – proof, if it were needed that we’re never going to have an idiot shortage – to multiple customers.

If you find a site selling American fake IDs then you’re almost certainly in dangerous territory. Making, selling or buying a fake ID in the US is a serious criminal offence. The War on Terror and all of its wonderfully privacy-invading sanctions mean that you might even find yourself wearing an orange jump suit for your unplanned holiday to Cuba’s lovely Guantanamo Bay. So, the likelihood with US fake ID sites is two-fold: either you’re going to be dealing with serious criminals, which is never a good idea, or you’re going to end up handing over cash for something you’ll never see, which is even less of a good idea. Oh, and good luck with reporting them to the police, you won’t be walking out of the station in a hurry yourself.

You can guard yourself against scammers with a few simple, straightforward tips.

Too good to be true means what it says – remember, scammers on the web have got millions of knuckle-dragging dupes to choose from. They only need a few quid from each, don’t chuck your cash onto the pile.

The best way to avoid consequences for your illegal actions is to be a long way away when the cops come calling. Look for real addresses, preferably somewhere in your own country.

Crooks don’t want traceable money that can be stopped by a bank once the penny’s dropped with their victims. Genuine businesses are happy to accept cheques, postal orders and credit or debit cards – they won’t insist on untraceable transfers through the likes of Western Union.

Write to the site. A proper business will value your custom, a scammer doesn’t give a damn for anything other than your cash. If you write to a business with an enquiry you should expect a genuine reply tailored to your question, if it’s a template or you get no reply then your antennae should be twitching.

Finally, use your head. And be sure that you’re happy before you hand over any money to anyone ever.